cover art by ZEKM

cover art by ZEKM

Vulture Bones

issue 1, May 2018

Letter from the Editor

"Pasta al Memoir" by E H Timms | Short Fiction; 1,500 words
Content Warnings: abuse, child abuse, mind control

"The Monarch" by Ash Garzilli | Comic; 1 page
Content Warnings: insects

"Howard Was a Dingus" by Kayla Schiener | Short Fiction; 1,161 words
Content Warnings: mentions of mental health issues, eating disorders, anti-semitism

"The Ocean in the Shell" by RoAnna Sylver | Poem; 71 lines
No content warnings

"Manifestation of Romance in a Bottle" by Constance Bougie |
Short Fiction; 1,711 words
No content warnings

"You Won't Believe How This Animal Changed Their Lives!" by Sara Codair | Short Fiction,  669 words
No content warnings