A.E. Ross

Contributor interview

A.E. Ross lives in Vancouver, B.C. with one very grumpy raincloud of a cat. When not writing fiction, they can be found producing and story-editing children’s cartoons, as well as producing & hosting podcasts like The XX Files Podcast. Their other works have appeared on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Netflix (and have been widely panned by 12-year-olds on 4Chan) but the projects they are most passionate about feature LGBTQIA+ characters across a variety genres. A.E. Ross's debut novel, Run In The Blood, was released in 2017 from NineStar Press.

They wrote "Light As A Feather" in issue 2 of Vulture Bones. Below is an interview about their lovely story.


What’s wonderful about “Light As A Feather” is the truth is in the details. How many of our families would bury us in a suit and deadname us on our gravestones? How many of us would turn ourselves into vampires if it meant dealing with fewer medical industry headaches? I mean, my doctor would probably find me being a vampire easier to deal with, frankly.

I think mine would definitely find that easier! This piece was a bit of a hard one for me to write because it’s so personal, but this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Trans people already face a lot of barriers when it comes to accessing healthcare, and having an existing chronic illness can affect your transition in a lot ways. I asked myself a few times while writing this if I would make the same decision as Vivianne and the answer actually helped me understand my own needs a bit better. 


Wren is also such a lovely character. Who doesn’t want a werewolf girlfriend who will hunt a deer for you so you have fresh blood to wake up to? It felt authentic that she was not struggling with all of her identities at once. Like she was fine with being a werewolf, but being out about being queer was still really fresh. Did these characters come to you fully formed, or did you refine them as the story came into focus?

I initially had the idea of two best friends on either side of six feet of dirt, and everything formed around that. The details about them came into focus as I wrote, either as things I thought were interesting, or funny, or were relevant to my own life. I really like these two characters though and I hope I have more stories for them in the future. 


Where can people find more of your work? What’s coming next?

You can find my debut novel, Run In The Blood, from NineStar Press. It’s a high fantasy story with a sapphic romance, featuring pirates, nagas and found family. I also have a short story in Volume 3 of NineStar’s Once Upon A Rainbow anthology that’s a modern-day millennial Cinderella retelling with a transmasc protagonist. I don’t have any upcoming release dates but I’ve got lots of irons in the fire so if you liked this piece keep an eye out for more queer speculative fiction from me.