Letter from the Editor

B R Sanders

This is the very first issue of Vulture Bones, a quarterly speculative fiction magazine featuring the work of transgender and non-binary contributors. This project was born of that incandescent glow I feel every time I submit to a magazine or open call that is focused on a community or an identity. It comes the warmth that spreads through my chest when I find new work by people like me. Vulture Bones is a tiny contribution to a larger community.

We have always existed. And we have always made art, written stories and poetry, worked ourselves into existence. Singing our stories out into the ether is one way to find each other--we sing specific frequencies, waiting for someone else to sing the same melody back. We want to hear and be heard.

My goals for Vulture Bones are twofold: first, create a space where transgender and non-binary creators know their work is appreciated and valued. Second, show transgender and non-binary creators who are still out there self-rejecting, who are still shyly not quite ready to publish, that there are so many of us out here, doing such incredible things.

A sampling of those incredible things is collected here for you.


Pronouns: they/them/their. B R Sanders is an award-winning genderqueer writer who lives and works in Denver, CO, with their family and two cats. B writes fantasy novels about queer elves and short fiction about dancing planets. They love drinking coffee and sleeping. B tweets @b_r_sanders.