Table of Contents for Vulture Bones, Issue 02!

Hi friends!

I am so pleased to announce that the second issue of Vulture Bones, quarterly speculative fiction magazine featuring transgender and non-binary authors, will drop August 1, 2018! 

Below is the table of contents for the upcoming issue:

  •  "Blaze" by A.C. Buchanan | 3,100 words, Short Fiction

  • "Through" by A.Z. Louise | 16 lines, Poem

  • "She Don't Fade" by Die Booth | 700 words, Short Fiction

  • "Flowers From The Bones" by C. B. Blanchard | 2,100 words, Short Fiction

  • "Light As A Feather" by A.E. Ross | 2,100 words, Short Fiction

  • "Handbook For The Newly Undead" by Sebastian Strange | 22 lines, Poem

  • "The Glow" by Kayla Bashe | 3000 words, Short Fiction

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