Issue 3 Table of Contents

"You Can’t Grow Corn on the Moon" by Brendan Williams-Childs | Short Fiction; 4,008 words
Content Warnings: transphobia, mention of a deadname, slaughterhouses, animal death, mention of murder

"Instead I Propose a Toast" by Meeah Williams | Poetry; 306 words
Content Warnings: mention of suicide

"I Would Love You Back" by Cecilia W | Short Fiction; 843 words
Content Warnings: allusions to self harm, domestic violence

"Swallowed" by Brighde Moffat | Short Fiction; 695 words
Content Warnings: mention of eating disorder

"Gender(less)" by Rowan Lynam | Poetry; 159 words
No content warnings

"Wicca Gospel" by Rowan Lynam | Poetry; 165 words
No content warnings

"The Cafe Under the Hill" by Ziggy Schutz | Short Fiction; 2,500 words
No content warnings

"Frankenstein’s Creature Comes Out as Trans at Sadako’s Halloween Party" by Richaundra Thursday | Poetry; 718 words
Content warnings: alcohol consumption, misogyny

"Gods’ Blood Rubies" by TS Porter | Short Fiction; 4,384 words
Content Warnings: some body horror

"Nuclear Disassociations" by Aqdas Aftab | Short Fiction; 4,563 words
Content Warnings: child sex abuse, PTSD

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