Issue 3 available for preorder; previous issues on sale!

Hello friends!

Are you eagerly waiting for issue 3? I can’t wait to show it to you! As the submissions window for this issue winds down, and copy edits on the issue begin in earnest, I’m getting more and more excited about the way the issue is taking shape. Here’s the planned release schedule:

  • November 1: Ebook versions of Issue 3 will arrive in the inbox of Vulture Bones subscribers and anyone who has preordered the issue.

  • November 15: the complete free version of the issue will go live right here on the website. The sale for the current issue and the back-issues ends.

Which means that until November 15, you can get each issue for a discounted price! Here’s preorder/sale information for the upcoming and already released issues of Vulture Bones:

Issue 3 Table of Contents

Submissions are closed for Issue 3