Ash Garzilli

Contributor Interview

Ashton Garzilli is a 21-year-old student, currently studying Biology at the College of Charleston. Ash has been practicing art for about 8 years and majored in Arts Management for two years before switching over to Biology – now, they still create art in their free time as a hobby, and occasionally works on commission.

Ash Garzilli wrote and drew "The Monarch" in issue 1 of Vulture Bones. Below is an interview about their awesome, creepy comic.


I love the tension between the normalcy in the first few panels and the creepy reveal in the last panel. Where did you get the idea for the “The Monarch?”

I think it came from the intersection between my interest in art and my interest in biology. Obviously, we know where and how monarch butterflies migrate – but what did people think about it before scientists figured it out? I just love the idea of these wild ideas people may have come up with in the past to explain the unexplained. And, of course, I love a good spooky story.


What kind of stories do you like to tell through comics? Is “The Monarch” typical of your work?

In all honesty, this is one of the first comics I’ve ever done! Though the few others I’ve made, and most likely any I may make in the future, are quite similar. Not all of my work is as “spooky” as The Monarch, but they are usually speculative and generally sci-fi/fantasy inspired.


Where can people find more of your work? What’s coming next?

My tumblr, @willowpelt! Hopefully I’ll be working on more ‘complete’ stuff in the future. Right now a lot of my work is just random pieces I’ve made for fun, but I’m trying to work towards creating more serious works in the future (while still having fun, of course).