Is Listening Visiting?

Sara Codair

169 words
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No voices,
just the song of blackbirds
wind rustling willows
humming planes and growling mowers.

The dead sleep here,
but in this non-silence,
I hear them.

Moist air smothers my skin
worms writhe in my chest,
hair dances in the wind that shakes old flags.

I close my eyes for a moment,
letting go of what I know to be real.
Bodies sleep beneath the earth.
Spirits dance through distant heavens.

If I could just free that piece of my soul,
the part that believes
knows there’s more to existence than science can prove
grasps at magic and religion
roams in the worlds of my fiction,
maybe I’d understand.

If the engines ceased and
left me alone with the trees and birds,
I could fall off the edge of reality
sink into a mystical mindset
hear the songs of spirits
speak to my ancestors.

The plane won’t stop buzzing
an eternal reminder that science rules the earth.

The dead stay silent.

I never understood how to visit them properly.


Sara Codair is the author over fifty stories and a few poems. They love exploring “what-ifs?” in the fiction they read and write. Their debut novel, Power Surge, which features a non-binary main character, was published by NineStar Press on Oct. 1, 2018. They partially owe their success to their faithful feline writing partner, Goose the Meowditor-In-Chief, who likes to “edit” their work by deleting entire pages. If Sara isn’t writing, they’re probably commenting on student papers, in the lake, on a boat, or hiking a mountain with their spouse and dog. Find Sara online at or @shatteredsmooth.

Sara had a short story included in issue 1 of Vulture Bones. You can find that here.