Toby MacNutt

74 words
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You have an affinity, canal-walker,
though you are land-bound yet.

We see you tread the paths of water women.
You see her beckon, you see her in her fog,
her rill, her quiescent green shroud.
You name her beauty even oil-slicked,
you love her curve, you have tasted her salt -
so many of us, and still you walk.

We are waiting for you to break the mirror.
How long, how long before you come?


Toby MacNutt is a dancer, poet, and teacher who lives in Vermont with their partner and mobility dog. Their poetry has recently been published by Enby Life, Arsenika, Twisted Moon, and other magazines, and their debut collection If Not Skin was released in 2018 by Aqueduct Press. Sometimes fiction is better at handling their reality than reality itself is. To read (or watch) more of Toby's work, visit www.tobymacnutt.com or find them on twitter @tobywm / instagram @tobymacnutt.