Prayer for a Gorgon Heart

Sara Fox

113 words
Content Warnings: implied assault and death

patron of the ravaged and changed
look here
 turn your snakes
 on my bleeding heart
calcify these atriums  
 until the shudders
 rendering joy to sorrow
 and lay placid in your gaze

Sweet-faced monster
smile here with many mouths
 and avid eyes
 at my butterfly ribs
curl marble into the muscle of my hopes
 my wants and wishes
 until reality steals the peach
 from my tongue

Headless one
when this is over
 let my tears erode the stone
 let my heart weep and my tongue bleed
 pomegranate juice
but today
we are a finite number of pages
and the tablets are ending
let me be still
let me be stone

Sara Fox is an information specialist and a ne’er-do-well often found wandering in airports both local and abroad. A fan of continuously recreating themselves, they’ve been a researcher, elementary through college teacher, and a techie. Their stories generally dabble around fantasy coming of age and emotive scifi with LGBT+ characters. To learn more please go to