House-bound in the Cursed Rental

Rae White

58 words
Content Warnings: claustrophobic scenarios, knives

unhinged: our world

when the screen door is installed

upside down. there are no longer forks

only knives. bamboo transforms to bonsai, emulating

our air-tight claustrophobia. our cat walks     diagonally up

walls, only eats bulb-scalded               moths that flounce at twiggy

lamps. our hair is the feeble limbs of lavender plants      we recently killed

Rae White is a non-binary poet, writer and zinester living in Brisbane, Australia. Their poetry collection Milk Teeth won the 2017 Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize and is published by the University of Queensland Press. Rae’s poem ‘what even r u?’ placed second in the 2017 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize. Their poetry has been published in Meanjin Quarterly, Cordite Poetry Review, Overland, Rabbit and others. Rae is the editor of #EnbyLife, a journal for non-binary and gender diverse creatives.