4.6 Million Jackpot Won On Mega Fortune Dreams

You know that we particularly appreciate the stories of winners who play on online casino sites or who win fabulous jackpots in land-based casinos. Today, and after telling you the stories of several big wins yesterday, here is the story of an online player who pocketed the progressive jackpot on the Mega Fortune Dreams slot last week.

Mega Fortune Dreams makes a dream come true

Finally, we can even say that this slot machine is preparing to make several dreams come true for the lucky Internet user who won the jackpot on the evening of Monday 8 to Tuesday 9 October 2018. He indeed pocketed a fabulous jackpot by playing on the progressive slot machine Mega Fortune Dreams, signing here and since its launch, the 24th jackpot recorded on this creation of the Swedish developer NetEnt that you can find on online casinos like Casino777.be.

The progressive jackpot has fallen

And when he falls, the least we can say is that he rather makes noise from the top of his more than 4 million euros that he posted on the meter. The progressive jackpot for the Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine fell this week. A fabulous gain which then displays at the time of the fall a vertiginous amount to the tune of € 4,645,001. Although the sum won here is incredible, it still remains slightly below the record of winnings of this game of 5.5 million euros.

But no need to quibble either, because this batch is more than enough to change a life; even if it nevertheless remains quite far behind the title Mega Fortune which today posts a jackpot of nearly 18 million euros.

Mega Fortune Dreams, maker of millionaires

But we can certainly say, even today precisely, that Mega Fortune Dreams lives up to its name. It is not for nothing that all online casinos offer it and that it remains one of the most profitable slot machines in its category, and especially the most coveted on the web. A machine which has just made a happy player last week and which therefore gives him a very good prize pool which will inevitably turn his life upside down and that of those close to him.

But you must take into account that this game is accessible and available to everyone and that you can therefore, on occasion, just as well embark on the adventure by trying to win the next jackpot offered on this slot machine. which is therefore updated for more than 7 days and which therefore continues to grow hour after hour. But still, it is necessary to know a little this game and the operating system of the slot machines to be able to increase your chances of joining the rank of the new potential millionaires of the game. This is the reason why we are now going to introduce you to this slot machine in a little more detail.

NetEnt Mega Fortune Dreams

The Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine often makes the headlines, and more particularly our forums on Roulette.be, because it is not the first time that it has rewarded fans of online casino gambling. We remember, for example, this fabulous Swedish winner, in March 2018, who then pocketed more than 4 million euros by luckily finding the right combination.

While it is available at a multitude of online casinos, this popular and coveted game offers several possibilities to optimize your chances of winning.

It is a slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and at least 20 paylines on which you will be able to bet via an affordable range of stakes varying between € 0.01 and € 1. But the most interesting of the peculiarities from which this game benefits remains its park of progressive jackpots. Indeed, the slot machine offers you to win 3 jackpots through the “Mega”, the “Major” and finally the “Rapid”. 3 jackpots which can therefore grant you fairly substantial gains at any time, which accumulate over the games played by the players and which can therefore change your life or allow you to achieve at least one of your dreams.

The theme of this slot machine is well in line with the spirit of the game of training new millionaires since it revolves around the world of luxury and fortune. You can indeed try to win prizes by displaying winning combinations formed by symbols represented by objects such as a luxury watch, a classy sedan, banknotes, jewelry, etc.

But much more than a simple slot machine, it is one of the most beautiful titles that NetEnt has in its catalog of online casino games. The quality is indeed there and the slot machine immediately immerses you in its world of luxury through its impressive graphics and a catchy soundtrack. The publisher NetEnt favors here a unique gaming experience, while at the same time offering players who rub shoulders with it the opportunity to access a very large reward.